Jussi Solja, Co-Founder at The Sexy Beast

Working with Camino Insight was a true pleasure. Deborah is a super professional, to the point and with a refreshingly total lack of BS that is well aligned with our approach of getting stuff done in an agile, efficient way. The outcome of the research was tremendously informative, insightful and provided a super solid base for our work. She is a Beast!

Matt Taylor, Senior Research Manager, Global Marketing & Communications at Twitter

The work was great thanks, I was very impressed with the level of detail and insight provided and I've fed back to the team internally already.  We're a happy customer.

Simon Thompson, Managing Director at Relish Research

I had the real pleasure of working with and getting to know Debs. Her innate ability to connect with people as part of the research process generated some incredible insights for our clients, and won many repeat projects. Where possible, we look to work with Debs on a freelance basis as we know she is a safe pair of hands that we can trust.

Anne Kuppens, Founder at Nine Coliving

Deb visited me for 10 days right at the beginning of the startup of my company Nine Coliving. She helped with painting, cleaning and cooking but also gave me some good advice on working with Digital Nomads. Her insights in the Digital Nomad world helped me a lot. The fact that Deb herself is a Digital Nomad with a lot of experience and a big network made her insights very valuable. Thanks for all you help Deb - you now have a room named after you - ‘Deb’s Room’!