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Deborah Simmons

Founder and Director

Hello. I'm Deborah, and I set up Camino Insight in 2013. I started out as a brand marketer for a collection of music and lifestyle magazines including NME, Uncut, Muzik, Loaded, Nuts and TVTimes. As the print media industry gave way to digital we were challenged with finding new ways to communicate with an increasingly discerning and harder to engage audience.

It was around this time I realised that the psychology of consumer behaviour was what really got me going, and so I transitioned into market research, seeking out smaller 'boutique' agencies for their entrepreneurial mindset and future focus. This was also a time when the industry was beginning to shift from providing clients with research findings to working more collaboratively to help businesses use the insight generated to implement strategic and tactical change. 

Although my grounding in both qualitative and quantitative research means I can turn my hand to a broad spectrum of insight briefs, I have found my sweet spot working in the digital arena (both in terms of approach and sector). While it is important to understand the things that have shaped us over time, I believe I can create most value by focusing on better understanding the generations that are soon to be making the decisions that will affect us all.